2010 REF contest Results

Antenna at VA3PL

Antenna at VA3PL

Here we have the final results of the REF Contest 2010.
Thanks for participation in the REF Contest 2010, in our single-country event, which still gathers a lot of interest.

We had a fantastic turnout for the 2010 event. A total of 1515 logs were processed which sets a new record for participation in the contest. The increased participation is very encouraging, especially considering that conditions were not much better than those experienced in 2009.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who participated in the 2010 REF Contest.

Nigel G3TXF 700+ Qs in a part time effort on 80/40
Nigel G3TXF 700+ Qs in a ‘part time’ effort on 80/40

CW (30th-31th Jan) – 752 logs submitted from 51 DXCC
Continental leaders:

  • Europe DL6KVA
  • North America VE3KZ
  • South America PY4FQ
  • Asia UA9BX
  • Africa 7X2ARA (7X2DE 7X0MT ops)
  • Oceania VK4TT

Complete  DX CW results (pdf)

SSB (27th-28th Feb)- 763 logs submitted from 53 DXCC

EK3SA 2nd ASIA ssb
EK3SA 2nd ASIA ssb

Continental leaders:

  • Europe SN1I (SP1PEA)
  • North America K3IPK
  • South America PY1SX
  • Asia UN7MMM
  • Africa EA8TH
  • Oceania YC2LEV

Complete DX SSB results (pdf)

French results

Hope to cu all next year during the 72 th “Coupe du REF”.